Like next house, only shorter-lived! Ehm. And Deli Haus… good times. Good jalapeno-lovin times.

More flocking.  At least a browser crash can’t… no wait.  It can still kill this post 🙂   I can only hope that the sidebar code remains fast even when the browser or net connection is slow, though… and at least forward/backward buttons don’t mean anything in this frame. 

Ahh, and deliciously, you can both save drafts offline (perfect) and edit existing posts (better?  I wonder).  I don’t like the favorites manager half as much.

That only makes sense if you’ve visited sites where the majority of FP posts are, you know, second. Ths too will pass.

This is a test post to be deleted within a week.  Enjoy it for its temp-transience!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!